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Exhibition Outline

2011 LED+Light Tech Show / LED Light Fair
Int'l Outdoor Lighting Fair / Int'l Sign Show 
   26-29 Oct. 2011 (Wednesday through Satday)

  •  LED+Light Tech Show-HK Success Within Reach

    Asia-Pacific is the world’s fastest-growing market, especially China whose huge potential has attracted the attention of enterprises worldwide. Furnished with geographic proximity, ethnic linkage, and an advanced financial industry, Hong Kong has been the gateway for buyers to enter the Chinese market. LED+Light Tech Show/LED Light Fair-HK will be held simultaneously with Canton Fair Fall and Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, two leading lighting fairs in Asia. Capitalizing on the convenient location of AsiaWorld-Expo, LED+Light Tech Show/LED Light Fair-HK will attract visitors to the two aforementioned shows as well, allowing Taiwanese exhibitors to display their sophisticated products to buyers worldwide to meet their higher-end demands.


  • Convergence of Lighting Buyers   
    Data of Hong Kong news that 66% of the visitors to its Hong Kong Lighting Fair hail from 133 countries and areas outside Hong Kong, great majority of whom will enter Hong Kong via Hong Kong International Airport, making it very convenient for them to visit LED-Light Tech Show-HK at the airport as well.

  • Market Spotlight
    2011 LED+Light Tech Show/LED Light Fair, a show for Taiwanese exhibitors exclusively, will exhibit illumination and lighting products, featuring a number of theme areas, including LED application products area, commercial lighting area, photovoltaic lighting area, outdoor lighting fixture area, residential lighting area, and energy-saving lighting area. 

  • Knowledge Exchange, Enhancement of Brand

    In addition to contact with international buyers, exhibitors of 2011 LED+Light Tech Show/LED Light Fair can attend LED seminars sponsored by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), and a number of related foreign institutions, where they can keep up with the latest technological development and market trend.

  • Value-added Service

    2011 LED+Light Tech Show/LED Light Fair will be held at Hong Kong Kowloonbay International Trade&Exhibition Centre, near to the oldest show Hong Kong Lighting show, with top-notch hotels and other facilities nearby. The organizer also offers various facilities and services on the showground, including VIP room, wireless Internet access, touch-screen system for exhibitor data, well-furnished business center, and free shuttle bus.

    Backed by its veteran exhibition experience, D&A International will push the show globally at major industrial shows worldwide, as well as via online and physical channels, stressing the advantage of the show as an important trade platform for the Taiwanese LED lighting industry and global buyers.



    LED Lighting Products
    Interior and outdoor lighting, special lighting, photovoltaic light, decoration/landscape/building lighting, outdoor lamp, garden light, control system, and electronic accessories

    LED Application Products
    Auto light:
    in-car light, side light, tail light, fog light, headlight
    Backlight panel:
    mobile phone, LED display, LED TV

    LED Packaging/Module
    Lamp, Cluster, Digital, Dot Matrix, SMD, Epi Wafer, Chip Display panel, traffic signal, IrDA

    Production-Process Equipment and Materials
    Laminate, monocrystalline silicon bar, phosphor, epoxy resin, lead frame
    Epitaxy (MOCVD / MBE / LPE / VPE)
    Chips (Expansion/metal evaporation coating/etching/heat treatment/cutting) Packaging (welding/sealing/electroplating) testing (environment/probe/aging)




    • Remarks of exhibitors

      1.“This show will give Taiwanese firms optimal opportunities to reach new buyers and expand markets. We expect to encounter quite a number of quality buyers and will offer our cutting-edge products to them.”
      Neo Neon / Vice G.M. / Jack Liu

      2.“The showground of 2009 LED + Light Tech Show boasts a highly convenient location and we expect to reach buyers for quality and unique products. I have also been highly impressed by the efficiency of the show organizer in its preparatory works.”
      Edison / Mr. Jason Wu

      3.“We expect to reach new buyers for Taiwan-designed products at the show.”
      Kingtec Group / Presidnt Mr. Huang

      4.“This exhibition provides Taiwanese firms a rare opportunity to show their distinguished products, allowing us to create a new business horizon.”
      Hsin Rong Corp. /  Mr. Wang

      5. “This exhibition is an ideal platform to showcase quality Taiwanese-made products and we believe it will help up tap the international market.”
      Huang Minzhi, chairman, Kingtec Group and the Shenzhen Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce

    Online Promotion
    Via the procurement platform, you can introduce your products to buyers worldwide, giving you a head start before the inauguration of the show. You are welcome to visit the website at to have more understanding of the service. For any inquiry, please send e-mail to  or call us at +886(0)2-2649-4888.

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